79-Year-Old Woman Buried Alive By Son, Survives For 3 Days Without Food And Water

2896 views07 July 2020
A woman who was buried alive in a grave by her son miraculously survived the ordeal for three days and was dug out by police. A video of the grave being dug and the woman being pulled out has gone viral in Weibo, China's Twitter equivalent, and has led to numerous reactions ranging from anger at the man to relieve that the woman was saved. The heartless son named Ma Mou, 58 according to local reports had put his 79-year-old mother in a trolley and had taken her out of their house on the evening of May 2. He came back home early the morning of the next day but without his mother or the trolley. The man's wife named Zhang Mou got suspicious about the whole thing and asked him about her mother-in-law. But he gave an explanation that was less than convincing. The old woman had no food or water and it is a wonder how she survived.

He told his wife his mother had gone to see her relatives he had taken her to a person who had a car. She had been driven to their place. The wife did not buy her husband's explanation and soon went to the local police station to file a missing complaint. According to a report in TooFab, the old woman had been unable to move because she was paralyzed. While the reasons for the son taking such drastic action is yet to be found it and the local police are still conducting an investigation, it is safe to say that the man will be punished for his cruel act. The incident was reported from Jingbian County, in the northwest of Shaanxi Province, China, bordering Inner Mongolia to the north.

Zhang had gone to the Xinzhuang Police Station to file the missing complaint. Police interrogated the man and he told them about the cover-up story and the lies he told his wife. Under intense pressure during the questioning, Mou finally broke and told them the truth. He said he had dumped the elderly woman at an abandoned tomb inside a forest south of Jingbian County. Mou now faces charges of intentional homicide. His elderly mother is safe and in a stable condition after she was taken to a hospital from the gravesite.
After confirming the location of the gravesite, the police immediately excavated the poor old woman. The video shows the moment they pulled 79-year-old Wang Mou from the pit, still showing vital signs. The woman had apparently let out a faint cry for help. She was rushed to a hospital immediately after being dug out.

The video features around four people, possibly officials from the county, below a mound of mud. Two of these then carry the elderly woman out and place her nearby. They cover her with a cloth. The woman is still all this while. Throughout China, there have been increasing cases of the old and elderly abandoned by their children. A number of them resort to even taking their own lives with no one or no way to look after themselves. According to the Globe And Mail Times, China will be the 'greyest' society in the world even surpassing its neighbor, Japan, and Europe by 2030 according to the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China's elite research institution. According to a CNN report, by 2050, more than 34 percent of China's citizens, as many as 500 million, are projected to be over 60 years old, according to the National Working Commission.

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