A 2-Year-Old Special Needs Boy Has Gone Missing From His Home Overnight

2781 views18 July 2020

Thaddeus Sran, age 2, went missing from his home in the 800 block of C Street in Madera, CA between 10:00 p.m. on Tuesday, July 14, 2020, and 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday, July 15th.

Thaddeus is about 2-feet, weighs about 30 pounds, and was wearing a red shirt with Spider-Man pants over a diaper at the time he was put to bed by his parents on Tuesday evening, said Madera Police Chief Dino Lawson. Thaddeus had a premature birth and has a feeding tube. He is also non-verbal and recently learned to walk. He needs special care and needs to be reunited with his family as soon as possible.

“We need your eyes, we need your ears,” Lawson said at a press conference Wednesday. “Please reach out to us and help us.”

Since there was no vehicle description available, an Amber Alert has not been issued for the missing child.

“Everyone is concerned for Thaddeus’s welfare, especially since he requires specialized care that few are equipped to provide,” said Madera Police Chief Dino Lawson . “We cannot imagine what Thaddeus’s parents are going through and all agencies involved are focused on the effort to locate Thaddeus and ensure that anyone who may be responsible for his disappearance faces justice.”

In the press conference, Chief Lawson made sure people knew this matter was urgent. "Time isn't on our side right now," he said. "It could be that he got out of the house, it could be that he was abducted. Everything is on the table. We're looking at everything and we're leaving no stone unturned."

This morning more than 100 people came out to help in the search for Thaddeus. Local law enforcement thanks the community, but at this time does not need any outside assistance. The only thing they are asking of the community is a continued prayer for Thaddeus’ safe return.

Madera Police Department and other agencies are searching a one-mile radius from the Sran residence. The Madera County Sheriff’s Office, Federal Bureau of Investigation, DOJ, and Madera County Probation is assisting with the ongoing investigation.

His family is offering a $5,000 award for information that helps find their son.

If you or somebody you know has information on his whereabouts, you are asked to call the police department at 675-4220. GMC 3466

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