Furious Boyfriend Punches, Slaps, And Chokes His Girlfriend Because She Forgot Gift At A Bar

4436 views12 September 2020

Disturbing footage of domestic violence where a woman is being hit repeatedly by her boyfriend for forgetting a gift has now emerged. The footage was recorded from a hidden camera by the woman being abused after she thought her boyfriend would get physically violent with her.

Luciana Sinzimbra, 26, is a lawyer in Brazil and her boyfriend Victor Junqueira, 24, is a pilot who she got into an altercation with back in December. Sinzimbra has said the footage released recently was done so without her approval or consent, reports the Daily Mail.    

The video shows Junqueira slapping, punching and choking his girlfriend in the video. On the day when the physical abuse was recorded, the couple had just come back from an outing with friends at a local restaurant in Goiania, Brazil.

Sinzimbra had recorded her entire ordeal from a phone camera she kept hidden from her boyfriend.

When Sinzimbra told her boyfriend that she had forgotten the gift, he lost his temper. According to Daily Mail, she told a local channel, "You can't believe that the person you spent three years with will hurt you, will hit you or (try) to kill you," said Sinzimbra.

Fearing that the argument would escalate, Sinzimbra hid the cellphone in her room. She put it facing them and then hit the record button and it so happened that Junqueira became violent around this time.

The footage, shows Sinzimbra crying and sitting right in front of her bed. He then slaps her and hits her repeatedly on her legs. She tries to fight back and kicks him off.  She is heard saying in the video, "Stop hitting me. You're hitting me again." One can also hear her boyfriend accusing Sinzimbra of lying during the assault and he says, "I'll beat you up more," and added, "you lied to me that whole time."

Junqueira gets more violent with his girlfriend and is seen jumping onto the bed and grabbing her by the neck. He then slams her on the bed. Sinzimbra reported the incident to a local police station on the day itself and has pressed charges against her boyfriend for the assault. However, only "precautionary measures" were put on him for the time being. Junquiera was charged with bodily injury, threat and domestic violence. He faces up to four years and six months in jail if found guilty.

This included ordering him to not have any kinds of contact with his girlfriend. The Public Ministry of Goias is carrying out an examination into the case and the full facts of the case and verdict could be released anytime soon. 

A lot of people on social media said that this is probably not the first time that the boyfriend must have been violent. On Facebook, Chloe Heta-Mason commented on the story and wrote: To the people saying she "set him up" have yous been in a violent relationship? Obviously he's done it before for her to record this.

Trish Westcott also commented on Facebook: She new what was going to happen. She has probably been going through this for a while so she set her phone up to capture the evidence. Because police cant do anything when someone vocally accuses another person, video evidence is the best way to prove that an evemt has happened. Good on her to do this. A very brave and risky thing, especially if he found the camera recording the whole thing. He will or should be done for DV and any other charges related to this.

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