Hero mailman sees infant alone in street, bursts through door to find mom hunched over stroller

6606 views01 September 2019
Stephen Garofalo, a dedicated member of the postal service, has been a mailman for over three decades.

In his time as a mail carrier, Garofalo’s come to know the people on his route intimately. From their faces to their names, Garofalo has a relationship with each person he delivers mail to.

Stephen Garofalo

As such, he’s able to identify when something is amiss. Garofalo did just that when he discovered a two-year-old boy wandering outside alone.

Typically, he’s accompanied by his mother. In a valiant attempt to return the boy to his mother, Garofalo approached the toddler to get some more information.

When asked where his mommy was, the little boy tentatively pointed to his house. Garofalo immediately took notice of how frightened the child was.

Stephen Garofalo

Without a second thought, Garofalo ran into the house. What he found shook him.

Stephanie, the child’s mother, was seen collapsed over her son’s stroller. When Garofalo tried to get her attention, he discovered that she was unconscious.

According to the medical team, Stephanie had suffered an adverse reaction to some new medication.

Stephen Garofalo

Thanks to Garofalo’s heroic disposition, the mother was able to receive immediate medical attention.

Garofalo has since been awarded the Life Saving Award for his noble deed.

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