Man Repeatedly Kicks 78-Year-Old Woman In The Face And Chest In Train While People Just Watch

1105 views04 October 2020

Humanity is in a rapid freefall into oblivion. Instead of standing up to defending the defenseless, phones are whipped out and the moment captured in the hopes of going viral. One such horrifying incident which could have used compassionate intervention unfolded on a subway train in New York City. On March 10, a 78-year-old woman was brutally attacked by a man, while bystanders either just watched or filmed the episode reports the Daily Mail. It took place on a northbound No. 2 train in the early hours of the morning when it was still dark out. The defenseless woman was sitting by herself in a corner and minding her own business. What drove the man to inflict such violence on her is unclear and truly baffling. The poor woman was badly injured following several powerful kicks to her person.

Fortunately, the man behind the attacks, Marc Gomez, has been arrested according to 6abc. He is believed to in his forties and was charged with two counts of second-degree assault, and third-degree assault and harassment. In the disturbing video that is making the rounds on Twitter, the man can be seen holding on the overhead rail for support as he violently kicks her in the face and torso again and again. Gomez's kicks were so powerful that the woman can be seen recoiling on impact. The unprovoked attack not only came without any warning but rained down on the old woman without pause.

The frail woman did not even have a chance to raise her hands and properly protect her face or chest as she was subjected to several kicks in quick succession. When Gomez was tired out from assaulting her, he can be heard asking the terrified old woman, "Who the f**k you was talking to?" before walking towards to exit of the train reports the Daily Mail. Just before stepping out on to the platform he turns towards one of the passengers who was filming him and nonchalantly announced, "Worldstar that my n****r" making a reference to the violence-filled social media page.

It is deeply concerning that no one chose to intervene and save the old lady from the evidently enraged man. Any abuse is not to be taken lightly, particularly that of those who are unable to stand up for themselves. Often times we forget that tomorrow, it could be us or someone we love who is faced with unexpected brutality. Not a single soul can even be heard telling the man to stop his assault in the video, let alone walk up to him and restrain him from attacking the woman. Gomez walked off the train with the gait of a man who carried no remorse. 

Help did not come for the 78-year-old woman until she alighted at Wakefield 241st Street station, which was the last stop. Authorities were finally notified and the woman was finally given some much needed medical aid. Unfortunately, Gomez managed to escape immediate arrest because he had alighted before authorities were brought up to speed on what transpired in the No. 2 northbound train that morning. He reportedly got off at 238/Nereid Avenue and got away. It should hardly come as a shock to him that he was promptly hunted down and charged for assault and harassment.

The disturbing video is believed to have first been shared by a Twitter user named @BKLYNRELL1 according to the Daily Mail. He posted the footage along with the caption, "He’s crazy that’s somebody grandmother. Rt and find this asshole." Many users mistook that he was the creator of the video, forcing him to put up a follow-up post that clarified, "For everybody asking me if this is my video. No, and if I was there it was not going down like that. He was not getting away." Many reacted to the video in horror and disgust calling out not just Gomez but the bystanders, too. 

Twitter user @KayCSmooth wrote, "Sick people out there including the cameraman and every single person that was on that train watching. No one says you have to be superman and wrestle a guy, but at least call for help. Don't be a simp bystander." Meanwhile, @RainDollaz, explained, "Everyone wants to be the first to put it on social media for likes. That is how the world is and honestly always been. Ppl use to bring the family out to enjoy someone being publicly killed. Smh." While @Ejaymd11 shared, "I couldn't believe that, even if dude was going to beat my ass, I'd take that whooping for her. I'd want someone to stand up for my grandmothers."

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