Photographer Captures Heartbreaking Photos Of A Deer Covered In Tumors

1718 views03 October 2020

Julie Carrow, a Minnesota-based photographer and nurse, was taking pictures in a field when she came across a truly heartbreaking sight - a deer covered in tumors.

Carrow was taking some portrait shots when the animal came within her view. She knew it was a deer but was unable to see its eyes since it was covered in tumors. Not only its face, but the black colored tumors were all over the animal's body. There is one disturbing picture where the deer is gazing straight into the camera but without its eyes being seen.   

Another image showed the animal running and on its sides with the lumps visible on its face, neck, chest, belly, legs, and rear. Since the image was shared and went public, it has sparked huge reactions online. The pictures were first posted on the Big Bone Outdoors Facebook group and since then it has been shared by more than 7,000 people.

Many people have called for the authorities to try and help the animal while others were asking if the animal could be put down since it seemed to be in so much suffering. Carrow told CityPages, "This deer casually wandered past us. He did not appear in any distress or malnourished, though I couldn't see his eyes." 

In a Facebook post according to a Daily Mail report, she also wrote, "1) Has anyone see this little guy around town and 2) can anything be done to help him. This to me is just heartbreaking." According to Michelle Carstensen from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, the deer's vision and movement are likely impacted by the tumors making it more challenging for the deer to escape its predator.

"It’s possible these will regress and he’ll survive this. But it's also possible he becomes an easy prey item in the meantime," she said.  Many people commented about how the deer's condition could be contagious but the DNR has addressed such fears. The department said the condition is not a major deer killer and doesn't infect humans or other animals. 

"Though they don't harm the meat, fibromas are repulsive to most persons and therefore render a fine trophy aesthetically undesirable," according to the Michigan's DNR website.

The Daily Mail report pointed out a comment of Kelli Miller on the story who wrote, "He has to be miserable. I'd contact the DNR and have it put down." Another person commented that they had encountered the deer and wrote, "I saw him or her this spring. It crossed Hiawatha when I was going south from Good Sam." Another person Gen Lustfield wrote. "DNR should catch it and find out what it has so it doesn't spread to other deer, and treat it." 

Phyllis Terry Saari asked for, "Someone with wildlife or humane society get the hell out there and help that poor animal. These things are unacceptable." Laura Morgan wrote: "That’s terrible some needs to catch it up and get a better idea if it’s safe or not..."

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