Pit Bull Was Not Feeling Good After Giving Birth, Then Vets Found A Quarter In Her Belly

33434 views14 October 2019
This is the story of a Pit bull that had to go to great lengths to survive in life. Not only she was starved and abandoned on streets but she was also pregnant and had to give birth in a backyard. Someone found the dog in a ransacked area with the newborn puppies. The puppies were in a dire need to get some sustenance from her mother but she wasn’t feeling good at all.

It is normal for every mother to start feeling better after giving birth but this wasn’t this case with this pit bull. Luckily for her and her puppies, a rescue team spotted her and saw that she was in a near-death condition. They immediately gave medical attention to the mother dog and her puppies. This was the famous ‘Hope for Paws’ rescue team who are famous for surveying the areas for remnants of pet life and they administer the area as soon as possible. It was one of their workers who had found the dog in someone’s backyard.

The pit bull and her puppies were dirty, flea-bitten and they were starving for food and affection. The strange this was that despite successfully giving birth, the pit bull had this sadness in her eyes. Soon the workers realized that she might be having stomach problems so all they had to do was take hold of mother dog. So, Eldad, one of the workers lovingly touched the mother and his efforts paid off. The mother dog and puppies were taken into safe custody and were given baths immediately.

They focused on giving the dog proper medical treatment and the baths helped the dogs get rid of fleas. Then they focused on getting the puppies more of their mother’s milk. Next, the mother dog was given something to eat that would help her regurgitate everything present in her stomach. This looked bizarre but eventually calmed the dog down and everyone had a huge sigh of relief. This was a tensed adventure even for Hope for Paws team that encounters difficult rescues every now and then. Surely, this was an awe-inspiring predicament that made everyone happy.

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