Sick Thug Filmed Brutally Kicking And Punching Terrified Pet Dog

28834 views01 October 2020

In the UK, a man named Jordan Smith was found to be abusing his dog over a 3-month term.

Neighbors caught him in the act, which led to his arrest.

Smith had been spotted kicking, punching and beating his Pit Bull, equipped with a leather belt!

Smith’s neighbors managed to taped the acts down and submitting it to the RSPCA as video-graphic evidence.

However, in order to do so, it took two more incidents to occur before they could get an appropriate taping.

Image Credit: manchestereveningnews

Thankfully, the formerly abused pooch is now successfully re-homed with a loving family of his very own.

Smith would be facing a jail term for committing animal abuse.

Image Credit: manchestereveningnews

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