Stray Dog Falls For Soldier In War Zone, Sees Him Again At The Airport

10378 views16 December 2019
A National Guard MedEvac pilot called Nick Pierzchalski is a well-known person in the war and its horrible nature.

His job was to fly helicopters, many people have been saved by him. Nick spoke about a nice situation happened with him.

Nick said about his first time of meeting the stray dog, Airys, "Airys rushed towards me and it was obvious that she was so friendly.

 Airys and Nick became very close after building a kennel in the hanger for her. But, the time finally came for Nick to return back home in Florida. The pilot knew that he would force to leave her. But, thankfully he managed to have Airys with him by ‘SPCA’ help. watch the video above to have more information.

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