Teen Girl In Coma After Neighbor's Pit Bulls Rip Off Her Scalp And Damage Her Throat In Attack

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A 15-year-old girl from Georgia was nearly killed in a violent attack by two pit bulls on Friday. Joslyn Stinchcomb was just walking through her neighborhood when she was nearly mauled and has now been placed on a ventilator by doctors at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta. The dogs ripped her scalp away and bit her left ear. Upon immediate treatment, her trachea was found to be damaged as well, Classic City News reports. On Sunday, doctors learned that Stinchcomb had a blood clot in her jugular vein that may need treatment.

Stinchcomb was weeks away from starting her sophomore year of high school as she now lies in a critical condition, as of Monday. According to her family, the 15-year-old's left ear had to be reattached despite doctors' concerns that it would return to be fully functional. On Friday afternoon, the unsuspecting teenager was walking in her home neighborhood of Winder, Georgia, which is a small town about 25 miles west of Athens. She was then chased by two pit bulls who overcame and her before attacking.

According to a Barrow County Sheriff's deputy, there was a 911 call that officers responded to. They found Stinchcomb lying face down against a curb as one dog was grabbing her neck and the other was biting at her head, according to a police report cited by the news outlet. As the deputy proceeded to get out of his vehicle, one of the dogs actually began to approach him in a hostile manner. The deputy had no choice but to shoot the dog, who then ran off having survived a bullet wound. The police report stated that the other dog then released its grip on young Stinchcomb before running away as well.

Investigators later found both dogs at the residence of 29-year-old Alexandria Torregrossa, per the outlet. After Torregrossa came back home, she was immediately questioned and taken into custody. After being identified as the owner of the dogs, she was charged with reckless conduct, and the dogs were transferred into the custody of Barrow County Animal Control. One of the two dogs was euthanized by the animal control on Friday and the other was later put down on Monday, WSB-TV reported. Torregrossa, who moved to Winder from Brooklyn, New York according to her social media profile listed her occupation as a commercial driver for Carvana, the online used car retailer.

Stinchcomb’s aunt, Charity Stinchcomb Montgomery, has been acting as a family spokesperson by providing status updates on her niece’s condition on a Facebook page titled "Prayers and Updates for Joslyn." According to Montogomery, her niece's scalp was severely damaged to the point that hair may cease to grow again. "There may be implants and things that can be done, but it will be over a year before those discussions can even begin," Montgomery said. The 15-year-old also ended up sustaining nerve damage that "may affect her smile, her blinking, and other facial expressions." Montogomery added, "There is still so much that we don’t know about her injuries, but we know that God knows and that can heal her."

“She was coming around the cul-de-sac and the dogs just attacked, no provocation at all,” Barrow County Sheriff Jud Smith said, adding, “She [Torregrossa] was charged with reckless conduct, two dogs running at large, two counts of biting and attacking.” Smith also noted, “Gruesome attack. Very tragic for this young lady and her family.” Stinchcomb will likely need years of extensive therapy to recover completely, her family said. They have requested that anyone who wished to donated toward's the teen's medical expenses to do so via a GoFundMe and PayPal link. Stinchcomb’s family is asking donors to give funds to those links only, as several unauthorized crowdfunding efforts using her name and image have cropped up on other sites.

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